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Industries – Digital Ads for Restaurants

Using Digital Ads to Help Restaurants Grow Their Businesses

Digital Ads for Restaurants

Optimizing your potential with effective ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google and more

Never before have you been able to so accurately target the customers you want to reach. If you are like most restaurateurs, you have tested some of these ads but have not had time to gain the expertise needed to turn them into effective business-drivers. At Amplify 11, we help restaurants like you develop and execute a digital marketing plan that works.

You are an expert when it comes to serving great food and running a restaurant that people love to visit. Let us be your digital ad experts. Success with digital advertising is not easily obtained. There are many things that you need to get RIGHT! We help you laser-focus and avoid wasted effort and resources.

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We help You Get Digital Ads RIGHT!

The Right People

Ad networks like Facebook and Google allow you to target people by location, interest, and much more. Maximizing the effects of these tactics, in addition to focusing on the creative aspect and message of the ad, can be complicated. We can help.

The Right Time

The day of the week, time of day and, in some cases, the time of year determines the best time to run a specific ad. We will launch your Facebook ad at just the right time and make sure that your Instagram runs on a perfect schedule.

The Right Message

Most digital ads are a combination of a headline, supporting text, a link, and a photo or video. Success comes from the right combination of all of these.

The Right Call-To-Action

In many cases, the difference between success and failure on a digital ad is the delivery of its call-to-action.

We help you get digital ads RIGHT. Allow us to help you target the right people at the right time with the right message and a call-to-action that will give you the best results. The potential of these ads is so great, even on a modest budget. For that reason, we are passionate about helping restaurants get it right and enjoy the benefits. Let’s talk about how we can help you run effective digital ads.

Traffic-Driving Social Media Ads

We are seeing especially positive results for restaurants using Instagram ads and Facebook ads. One reason for this is the very detailed targeting that is available for these media platforms. We often focus on ads delivered only to customers within a few miles of a restaurant. By delivering messaging of enticing foods, drinks, specials, and events, you can get customers into your restaurant who you are completely missing today. Talk to us about a test run of local ads.

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For Best Results with your Facebook Ads, Keep it Real!

Facebook ads work great for restaurants, and we don’t want you to miss out. One key to success for a Facebook ad or post is making it match the look of the setting in which it is posted. Placements that work best match what your followers are seeing from their friends. Use photos of people having fun in your restaurant and of your food as the stars of your Facebook ads. These images do not need to be professionally-taken. In fact, pictures taken with a good phone, in many cases, work best to blend with other posts people are accustomed to seeing in the feed. Be real on Facebook for the best results!


With our focus on helping restaurants succeed on Facebook, we have developed a very specific playbook, which we customize for each restaurant. Let us help you find the best way to get the most out of social media.
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Mouth-Watering Instagram Ads

Make their mouths water! That is a key to restaurant success on Instagram. Photos and videos of great-looking food should be a foundational element of your Instagram posts and Instagram ads. We are currently seeing videos perform significantly better than images on Instagram. Videos are top-performers on Instagram stories and within the Instagram feed. Blend together showcasing your great food, enjoyable atmosphere, and qualified staff in video-form to maximize Instagram’s benefit for your restaurant.


Videos can take a little more time and effort to develop, but it is worthwhile. We have tricks & tips to make video development for restaurants easier. Let’s schedule a short call to discuss how videos, Instagram, and social media can become a sales driver for your restaurant.

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