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Helping Businesses Grow Using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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This is an exciting time for brands and businesses looking to reach more of the right customers efficiently. Whether you are looking to help potential new customers discover what you offer, or you want to leverage digital marketing to increase customer retention, the digital marketing tools that will do the trick are almost certainly out there. The challenge is that there are more options than ever before, and the methods needed to use these digital marketing tools have become far more complex. We are far past the point where someone within a business can manage digital marketing as a small part of their general workload and do it well. We are managing digital marketing for a growing list of businesses around the world, helping each find the best mediums available and then use them effectively.

Would you like to have someone handle all aspects of your digital marketing or just get some help developing the right strategy? We can help you in either case. Click here to setup a no-obligation call to discuss your digital marketing goals.

Social Media Ad Opportunities

Your customers’ frequent social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn, so how can you best connect with them there? Hopefully you have built a vibrant presence on those social media sites where you connect with your customers. Digital ads give you the opportunity to increase that reach to your current customers and to reach new customers. The key is using the right tactics to achieve your specific goals.

Reaching New Customers

The depth of customer interest targeting available when advertising on these social media sites makes it the perfect strategy for getting you new customers. We help clients target customers based on their location, age, and all types of specific interests. Do you want to reach bird watchers within 5 miles of your business? No problem. Whether you are looking for guitar players, foodies, business owners or almost anything else, chances are, we can help you tightly target those prospects on all social media platforms.


Sell More To Past Customers

We can also help you increase your repeat business from past customers or those that have considered your business. One of the top tactics for this is using Retargeting (also known as Remarketing). Do you have an email list of past buyers? We can help you deliver ads to those customers using social media platforms like Instagram, Google, Facebook and others. A customer that watched most of a video that you created about one of your products is a better prospect than someone that has never engaged with your content, so let’s work together to deliver new ads to those warm prospects. Retargeting can also be used to deliver ads specifically to people that have visited your website or added a product to their cart on your site, but did not conclude the sale. Think about how valuable it could be to reach these customers that have demonstrated a clear interest in your business and remind them of how awesome you are.

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What our clients are saying:

This is a great marketing firm. Extremely professional and amazing follow through. We love working with these guys!

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The Digital Marketing Toolbox

There is a wide variety of potent tools available to you that fall within the full digital marketing arsenal. At Amplify 11, we help you identify exactly which digital marketing tools will best support your business goals and then to develop the best approach for using them. Some of the other digital marketing tools that we can help you utilize include:

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