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Developing Instagram Ads that Work

Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram advertising presents one of the most promising opportunities in digital marketing today. Success here takes a careful combination of strategy, goal-setting, artistry, and timing. We would love to come alongside you and your team to help you get the most out of Instagram Ads.

The Amplify 11 Instagram Ad service is a fully-customized approach that is designed to match your needs. We offer a full-service option in which we create the ads, place them, and manage ongoing analytics and growth-hacking tactics to increase their performance. We can also handle single, specific elements of your Instagram advertising such as ad development and video creation. We also offer consulting and training for businesses that prefer a more in-house approach. We want to right-size an Instagram ad support solution to fit your unique needs.

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Instagram Advertising Approach

We help our clients think of their digital advertising in a holistic way. This includes an operating system where we think through each success factor that is critical to your goals.  Below we outline some of those key considerations. 

#1 Define A Specific Goal For Your Campaign

Each campaign starts with a goal. It might be product awareness, brand image development, page views, or conversion of an endless number of other things. We help our clients clearly define their goals, then help you develop the campaign details to match it.

#2 Develop A Highly Targeted Audience

Your goal (step #1) informs the audience-targeting approach to be used from the wide-range of targeting that Instagram offers. We use creative combinations of available data on your current customers and your target market to refine your ad audience.

#3 Creative Development

On Instagram your ad creative is a combination of text with an image or video. That combination is critical to success. We help you select the correct format (photo or video) and write copy that matches your defined goal.

#4 The Right Call-To-Action

Having the right call-to-action and matching it with the correct landing page is a critical step most people miss. We give you both the wording and the visual approach to increase the effectiveness of your ad. We also help you think beyond Instagram to that next step, which is the landing page to which your customer will go because it must match your goals and what was promised in the ad. We help you achieve the alignment necessary for efficient digital marketing efforts.

#5 Analyze & Adjust

One of the most powerful opportunities with digital ads on Instagram and other platforms is the treasure trove of performance data available in near real-time. Analyzing your ad's performance quickly and adjusting your campaign based on data is key to your success. This is an area where the Amplify 11 team really steps in and steps up to increase your digital ad ROI. We use a combination of human intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. This combination allows us to work through a massive amount of insights and quickly determine how an ad can be improved. We tweak the creative, copy, call-to-action and audience selection constantly to optimize your efforts.

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Fit in to Win

Consumers have built up a blindness to ads, which can adversely harm your digital ad efforts. To win with your Instagram ads, make sure that they fit in on Instagram. Your ads should look like the other content that would be posted by the target customers’ friends and family. We suggest minimal text on the image or video intro. Instead, focus on Instagram-friendly. Focus on beauty. Have your ads and posts fit in to the feed to get more attention and consideration.


Our team can help you achieve the balance between creating Instagram ads that look native to Instagram and getting your marketing message across.
Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Be Mobile First

The majority of visits to Instagram are on the Instagram app on a mobile device. When you create an Instagram ad, you need to structure it to work well for users on their phones. This requires creative thinking, considering factors like people watching your videos with audio off and on small screens. This focus on mobile needs to extend to your planning for your landing page. When you run an Instagram ad and someone clicks on it, will the web page where you take them work well on their phone? Make sure your landing page is fast, clear, and mobile-friendly.


We are here to help you master the mobile-first reality of Instagram and other digital ad options.
Give us a few minutes to tell you a little more about our Instagram ad services.

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