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Services – Video Production

Creating Effective Videos That Tell Your Best Stories

Video Production

Every great company has a great story to tell, and, in many cases, video is the ideal way to tell it. We help our clients develop that story, capture it, and deliver it. Our holistic approach to video is not just about shooting and editing. Success starts well before the first frame is captured, and we will help you from goal setting and concepts to successful distribution.

Before The First Frame

The Amplify 11 team will help you define your story and create the script and storyboard to refine your message. At each stage we help you ensure that your brand voice comes across clearly and that you are using all of the senses that video can capture. Once the story is perfected, shooting can begin.

Goal-Specific Videos

The right script, story, visuals, and even aspect ratio depends on your priorities for the final video. We help you determine where you will use your video and align the story and visual capture with those distribution outlets. For more and more clients today, the priorities for video focus more on new outlets like Instgram Stories and in the social media feed. We make sure the final video library includes versions that are optimized for each of these uses.

Getting Your Video Seen

Making a great video is just the beginning. Getting it seen by your target customers is critical. We help you with all aspects of this, using the techniques and tactics that we have learned and developed through managing tens of millions of video views.

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Video Remix Program

Get more views and benefits from your video library

You make great videos — ready to get the most out of your videos? Our Video Remix program is specifically designed to allow you to optimize your existing videos and new videos for the broad range of video outlets now available to you.

We start with one of your videos and remix it to multiple versions, each made for a specific purpose. We edit for varying sizes, shapes, lengths, and best practices to help you to win on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other emerging channels. In most cases, the Remix versions of the videos enjoy 10 times more views and engagement than the original video.

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Your Video Opportunity

The opportunity that comes with video today is exciting! For many brands, this is the best medium to increase your reach. IGTV on Instagram, along with the feed and Stories, presents powerful new places to get new customers to discover what you do.  Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn all prioritize video. In all cases, their algorithms want to show your videos at a time when they are less likely to share other posts. At Amplify 11, we go beyond the simple process of making a video. We help you make videos that will get watched, and we assist you with the steps necessary to maximize your reach. If you really want to make videos that work to grow your brand, we really want to talk to you!

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