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Video Remix Solution

We Optimize Your Videos To Succeed Where Your Customers Are Engaged

Video Remix Solution

Your customers are watching more videos in more ways than ever. Are they watching yours?

Get the most from your video content! We’ll maximize your videos by remixing them for multiple social media platforms. We start with one of your videos and remix it to multiple versions, each made for a specific purpose. We edit for varying sizes, shapes, lengths, and best practices to help you win on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other emerging channels.

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Increase Your Video Reach and ROI

You make great videos; we make platform-specific edits.

Performance Enhancement Keys

  • Optimizing the first 5 seconds for the best results for each platform
  • Adding the perfect call-to-action to each video specific to the platform on which it will be posted
  • Editing each version of the video to correctly fit the native aspect ratio for each platform
  • Tactical assisting with posting calendar and cross-platform strategy

Remix supports your internal team and amplifies their great work.

Recycle Program

Giving your existing video library a new life

Remember that great video that you created for that new product or service last year? Or maybe 5 years ago? That was an awesome video, and you still offer that product. Would you like to give it a new life?

We have helped many companies recycle their old videos not only to have new life, but to enjoy a significantly bigger reach than they had in their original format. We remix videos to work best for Facebook, Instagram, digital ads, product pages, and much more.

Case Study

Video Recycling Drives Over One Million Video Views

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Watch the video

watch the video

Peavey Delta Blues

This project started with a video that was made in 2014. It was a long-form piece made for YouTube. The Amplify 11 Remix team created 10 new videos using the initial content, recycling it to have a strong impact 5 years later. This included making versions for the Facebook & Instagram feed, stories, Instagram TV, Amazon, key dealers, and highly-effective digital ads. The resulting Remix library generated over 2 million views in the first 60 days.

We offer custom packages for remix videos. Cost is based on the number of platform versions that we will output and the number of videos you want to remix. We offer discounts for our monthly service where we remix a set number of videos each month. We often combine creating remixes from your new videos with an ongoing effort to recycle your prior videos, assuring that you have more content to grow your effectiveness in social media. Contact Us for a custom remix program for your business.

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