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Services – Digital Marketing Strategy

Helping You Do Digital Marketing Right

Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a custom digital marketing strategy for your business

Digital marketing today can give businesses of all sizes unprecedented reach! If done well that increased customer reach can be affordable and highly effective. Success using digital marketing requires a holistic approach. The audience that you target, the creative you use, the call-to-action in the ad, the feel of the text copy, and the landing page to which you send people all dramatically impact your ultimate success. At Amplify 11, we help clients audit their current digital marketing efforts and develop ideas on how to take digital further.

Full-Service and Consulting Options

How can we best help you with your digital marketing success? We have full-service and highly-customized offerings from which we can manage aspects of your digital ad efforts fully for you or work in collaboration with your marketing team on the ongoing execution. We also offer consulting services, each option customized to your specific needs. Our Digital Marketing Audit program is a full review of your efforts. It includes a look at your industry and the competitive landscape along with specific suggestions on how to leverage additional opportunities. We are passionate about the potential of digital marketing. Helping companies of all sizes to maximize the potential in that space is one of our favorite things to do. Please contact us so we can customize a plan to amplify your company using these tools.

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The Right Digital Tool For The Job

We also help our clients find the best tools and media available. Because digital changes so rapidly, it requires constant focus, research, and testing to stay ahead of the competition. We help our clients with a number of digital tools including:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Retargeting/ Remarketing
  • Social-Media-Targeted Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Ads
  • Live video
  • Industry-segment digital ad selection
  • P.R. as a digital outreach
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Strategic landing page development
  • Video distribution via social media
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