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Digital Marketing, Instagram, Instagram Reels, Social Media, TikTok, YouTube

Instagram Reels Specs: Video Size Ratios, Safe Zones and Optimization Tips

Instagram Reels — Feed View One of the nice benefits of Instagram Reels is that you can also choose to show your Reels to your followers in the standard Instagram Feed. In most cases, I recommend that you take this option. But when you do, you need to understand that the default view is not […]
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Instagram, Instagram Reels, Social Media, TikTok, YouTube

Instagram Reels for Business: 32 Easy, Effective Video Ideas

Instagram Reels is the new top social media priority for businesses. The big question is how can a business consistently and efficiently create content that will work well on Reels? We put together 32 specific ideas on what you can post and how to approach it, so you can grab this opportunity while it is […]
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Digital Marketing, Instagram, Instagram Reels, Social Media, TikTok, YouTube

Why You Need To Make Short Vertical Videos Now

Why Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts Should be your priority now! STOP what you are doing and focus on Instagram Reels! More specifically, the time is now to learn about and get great at short vertical videos. This is a format most credit Vine for creating, but TikTok has made it the talk of […]
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Instagram, Instagram Reels, Musician Marketing, Social Media

Instagram for Musicians: Posting Success Strategies

With its combination of massive reach, engaged users, and ideal content options, Instagram is a critical platform for every musician. In this guide we share 8 Instagram-specific tips on posting for musicians. Don’t miss the bonus section outlining how you can win using each of the platforms within Instagram (the Feed, Stories, Reels, Live and […]
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Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Reels, Musician Marketing, Social Media, TikTok

Hashtags for Musicians: Best Hashtags and Hashtag Strategies

Hashtags are the key to helping new fans find you on social media. In this guide, we give you all of the info that you need to use hashtags to their maximum potential for musicians and bands on Instagram. We give you insights on how to select a hashtag and why and at the bottom […]
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Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Reels, Social Media

Top Priorities on Instagram in 2021

The 5 things you must do to step up your game on Instagram in 2021.

Over a billion people use Instagram each month and as we enter 2021, it is the priority social media network for most businesses. We are all watching TikTok, Snapchat and other rising stars that might be the next big thing, but for most businesses, those are not there yet. Instagram, however, has a large and […]
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Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Local Marketing, Social Media, YouTube

Digital Ads for Music Stores: Where & Why

Running the right ads in the right places for the right reasons

We are in an exciting time for music retailers. Never have there been so many tools for you to reach your target customers affordably. In many cases, the biggest challenge is too many options and understanding which to use and when. Understanding the key ad platforms and how they can best be utilized for marketing […]
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