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Showcasing your Restaurant with Great Photography to Tell your Story

Restaurant Photography – Tampa Bay

Serving Clearwater, FL • Tampa, FL • Dunedin • Oldsmar • St. Petersburg • Trinity • Brandon

Photography has never before been more important for restaurants. The shift in the ways a consumer discovers a restaurant and chooses to go there is a game-changer for marketing. When consumers visit your website, they typically look for photos before reading any of the words that you have carefully written to tell your story. Today’s consumers skim websites, rarely read them, so photos are make-or-break. Whether they look at the photos on your home page to sense the vibe of the place or dig into the menu to see if the food looks good, they are looking for images to make their decision.

It is also important to consider that many young consumers no longer visit websites to determine whether or not to visit your restaurant. Instead, they visit your social media. The overview of photos and videos allows them to quickly surmise the food, feel, and atmosphere. What story are you telling with the images on your website and on your social media? The Amplify 11 team specializes in restaurant and food photography and can make sure that you win in this new consumer decision-making paradigm.

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Tampa Bay Based Restaurant Photography Services

We are based in Clearwater, Florida and focus on serving the Tampa Bay area. We can come to your Tampa-area restaurant to shoot photos and video on-site. We deliver great food photos and so much more. We will capture the feel of your restaurant, get shots of people enjoying your food and drinks, and showcase other key elements like your staff, location, and bar.

Want great food photography along with photos and videos that really capture the heart of your restaurant? We would love to capture and share the very best of all that you do.

Take and Make Photos that Fit

You can no longer take a singular approach to your photography. The photo that will excel on social media is often very different from what is best for your menu or website. Before undertaking a photoshoot, make sure that you have defined all of the ways that you will use the photos.  If you are capturing imagery for your website or menu, the goal likely will be to match the look of your existing photography for those platforms. Light the subject, select the angle, and use the right background. It is highly unlikely that those same photos will do well in ads or social media.

For social media consider what works well. Yes, food-porn can do well on Instagram and Facebook, but often imagery with some action and real people will outperform even the sexiest food photo. We often explore more interesting lighting and backgrounds when creating imagery for social media to help our clients stand out in a crowded social feed.

The shape of the image is also a factor in social media applications. If you are going to win in the Instagram feed and the feed on Facebook, a square is often the best option. As Stories continues to get more traction, the aspect ratio is totally different. There you want to use a tall image (9:16 aspect ratio) and consider the fact that some of the image’s bottom and top are covered by Instagram’s user-interface elements.

There are more places for you to win using photography than ever before. Consider them all, and increase your reach and your business!

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