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Services – Social Media for Restaurants

Helping restaurants grow their business with great social media

Social Media for Restaurants

Increase your reach. Showcase your food. Drive more traffic.

What should you post on your Facebook page? What is right for Instagram? When should you post? How do you find time to manage these important social media outlets? These are the questions that most restaurant owners, managers, and marketing teams are asking. At Amplify 11, we can help you answer these questions and much more. We will formulate a specific plan on what, when, and how to post. The Amplify 11 team can then help you with some or all of your social media efforts. Let us help you maximize the potential for these media as a way to drive new business and to increase repeat businesses.

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Amplifying Your Food, Your Fun, Your Team, Your Best

Too often the best parts of a restaurant remain a well-kept secret. Running a restaurant is difficult, and the business and management side of things are your priority. Every day you carefully watch food quality and work to have something new and creative for your customers. Amplify 11 will develop a process to showcase the best things about your restaurant and share them on social media.


What our clients are saying:

“For years we tried to use social media effectively for our business, both doing it ourselves and paying an agency, but nothing worked. Amplify 11 took over and quickly made social media a key marketing tool for our business. Through their efforts we got more followers and more engagement, but more importantly we saw a direct positive impact on our restaurant with more guests who specifically mentioned the posts on our social accounts. I’m happy to recommend them to any business that wants to make social media work for them.”


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More Reach and More Results

The Amplify 11 social media marketing system includes tactics to increase the number of people who see your posts on social media. The content strategy assures that we use that additional reach to bring more people into your restaurant more often.

Customized Solutions

We offer programs customized to your needs. Select from:

  • Full-service social media management
  • Social posting assistance
  • Social media strategy consulting
  • Staff training in social media management
  • Content calendar development
  • Photo and video editing services

Let’s connect and explore what level of service best matches your needs.

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Using Instagram and Facebook To Drive Restaurant Sales

Deliver unique value on your Instagram channel that rewards people for following you there. We are seeing great success with occasional Instagram and Facebook-only special offers. Could you offer a drink special or free dessert occasionally? Those offers give followers and those seeing your ads a reason to pay close attention to all that you share.


We have developed restaurant-specific posts that get butts into seats as well as special tactics to help you grow your social media following with the right customers. Don’t go it alone — we can help you with a customized solution.
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