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Restaurant Marketing Made Easy

Marketing for Restaurants

We help you use the right tools and tactics to win new customers.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you have a clear goal with your marketing – to get more customers into your restaurant. At Amplify 11, we love to partner with restaurateurs to use the best available marketing tactics to reach more potential customers and get them into your establishment.

Full-Service or Customized Marketing Management

We can customize our services to precisely match your needs. If you are looking for an agency that can handle everything, we can offer you that level of service. However, we can also develop a more focused plan just for you. We can develop the processes to make it more effective to undertake many of your marketing activities internally. This can include training, the development of a marketing schedule, help brainstorming productive marketing activities, and managing specific segments of your activities. We would love to come alongside you and your team to find the best overall plan for your marketing efforts and help you execute it.

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Digital Marketing For Restaurants

With today’s digital marketing tools, you can target customers within a few blocks of your restaurant. Add to geographic marketing the correct interest-targeting and timing, and we can help you get the right customers into your restaurant at the right time. We help restaurants utilize Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and other powerful digital ad options.

Social Media For Restaurants

The potential for sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to impact your business is obvious, but how do you successfully leverage those sites? We help restaurants win at social media. Learn more about our various levels of specialized marketing support options.

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Food Photography and Video

You have awesome food, a great looking dining area, a friendly staff, and a memorable experience. But, how are you getting that across to people who have never visited your restaurant? Photos and videos of your food and restaurant are the most effective ways to get that done. We prepare the right content for you to use on your restaurant’s website, menu, and social media. We also help you optimize the Google My Business listing for your restaurant. Contact us about how we can best help you create the photos and videos that will grow your business.

In addition to these specialized practices, we can help you with your other marketing needs. We offer website development, graphic design services, promotional strategy help, and much more. Let’s schedule a few minutes to talk about how marketing can help you grow your business.